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Quickly Unlock: Please set the administrator fingerprint information before installation. Professional smart biometric technology with rapid identification function, no key, and RFID card. You can use your fingerprint to unlock the keyless cabinet lock easily and quickly within 0.5 seconds. After 2 hours of charging, it can be used for 180 days.

Rechargeable Design: The USB emergency charging port is designed on the panel of the cabinet lock, to avoid permanent locking when the power of the electronic lock is exhausted. Besides, the fingerprint is equipped with a three-color sensing light.(Green-identify correctly, Red-recognition error, Blue - management mode)

Advanced Life Experience: The cabinet lock has an embedded AI intelligent chip, which has a self-learning algorithm and an efficient, stable, and safe processing system. After each fingerprint identification, the fingerprints will be compared, spliced and recorded. It can effectively improve the recognition probability, and the more it is used, the more sensitive and durable it is.

Broad Applicability: The electronic fingerprint lock can be widely used in office cabinets, drawers, TV cabinets, wardrobes, bedside tables, etc. Applicable places include a bedroom, study, living room, and office. Say goodbye to the key unlock era! It can record 20 fingerprints and supports multiple people to manage a file cabinet at the same time.

Easy to Install and Set Up: Store and identify fingerprint information directly, without downloading and installing any App or PC. This electronic cabinet lock with.
administrator fuction needs to verify the administrator's fingerprint before adding the new fingerprint or deleting all fingerprints. And it is equipped with a decoder. When the lock cannot be opened, there is no need to destroy it. You can use the decoder to delete the fingerprint and unlock.


  • Ways To Unlock: FINGERPRINT
  • Doorknob Function: Biometric

Customer Reviews

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Mustafa Stracke

Excelent product, redommend, orderd repeatedly. 9 days delivery to Prague.

Sonny McCullough

Delikleri işaretlemek için şablon yok.

Gudrun Turner

Mükemmel ürün. Açıklandığı gibi çalışır. Tavsiye.

Godfrey Zboncak

Kurulumda sorun yoktu. Baskıların da eklenmesiyle. Her şey süper olana kadar

Margret Schinner

Ürün açıklaması beklentilerle eşleşiyor. Sevkiyat beklendiği gibi gerçekleşti, ambalaj güvenli ve sipariş hasarsız geldi. Ek olarak, tüm nakliye işlemi sırasında izleme adresime teslim edilene kadar güncellendi.
Harika!!! Hız, dürüstlük, onur, kaliteli ve fiyat. Şiddetle tavsiye!!! 5 yıldız


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