USB Rechargeable Coffee Machines

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FAST HEATING, SUPER LONG LIFE: Equipped with three 2500mah high-efficiency batteries, a total of 7800mah battery packs can provide powerful power to the coffee maker, support 12V USB charging, and enjoy coffee anywhere, anytime. Equipped with a BMS battery management system, you are able to extract espresso with cold water heating 4-5 times or add boiling hot water to extract 300 more times when fully charged.

18BAR PUMP PRESSURE: Heats up to 92°C/198°F with 18 bars of pressure to bring decent flavored espresso and rich crema. simply add coffee powder/capsule (Nespresso capsule compatible) to the filter basket, pour cold/hot water into the tank, press the button and the espresso will extract itself. All parts are removable for deep cleaning (except the upper body part).

TWO EXTRACTION MODES: 92℃ constant temperature extraction, find the right temperature and restore the pure taste of coffee; the machine can add cool water, heat it up and extract (5 minutes); it can also add hot water and extract directly (40 seconds); two extraction modes can be freely selected to meet the needs of different environments. Equipped with a leak-proof and heat-insulation design, no need to worry about leakage in the process of use.

THE 2-IN-1 ESPRESSO MACHINE: Automatic espresso machine can use coffee powder and coffee capsules (Nespresso compatible), which you can choose to use according to different occasions. The package includes a spoon for taking coffee powder and a bowl for extracting coffee powder and coffee capsules. A gentle reminder, Nespresso capsules have a hard and rigid surface, so please push in the capsule firmly and screw the top tightly.

COFFEE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: When traveling, put it into your backpack, sip and enjoy the scenery. Drink a cup of coffee when you are tired of working, even if you are struggling alone, there is a warm coffee to accompany you. In such a small space on a self-driving trip, you can also enjoy the comfort of a cup of coffee. In the noon sprinkled with sunshine, sit down, in a quiet corner of the city, a cup of coffee, with you to forget the whole world's hustle and bustle.


  • Heat Time: 8-10mins
  • Function: Espresso
  • Capacity (Cup): <5 cups
  • Capacity: 50ml

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Desmond Spencer

It is a very good machine.Fast delivery. Good quality.

Dimitri Stracke

The best coffee machine for car

Alene Kunde

Very good I'm super happy and arrived well before the date

Estel Koepp

very good and fast delivery

Andreane Schmitt

Arrived faster than expected

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