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Shiatsu neck & back massager pillow: There are 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage heads that melt muscle tension and stress away, the heat function helps improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. This unit operates in a bi-directional fashion to mimic a massage given by a massage therapist.

Convenient and easy-to-use: Use it at home or in the car: The Shiatsu pillow massage is small enough to take with you from home to the office, it comes with a car adapter for free so you can strap it to your headrest to add a relaxing element to your commute. You can enjoy powerful deep-kneading punches at any time and anywhere. Just press the button to turn on/off the massager, and choose the direction of kneading, and heating or without heat.

Stimulated Hand Kneading Massage: Counter-clockwise and reverse rotations with optional heating function work together, it helps to promote body circulation and relieve your whole body effectively.

Adjustable Straps for Car or Desk Chair: Stretchy strap secures the massager to your office chair or the car’s headrest. It will effectively soothe achy muscles and relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulder, lower & upper back, and even legs too!

Great Gift for You & Others: Purchase 2-3 units to keep in the car, office, and home. Suitable for all family members, friends, colleagues, professionals, and people who sit or stand for long periods of the day.


  • Material: ABS
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Feature9: 20 massage heads
  • Feature8: 12 massage heads
  • Feature7: 8 massage heads
  • Feature6: Heating massage
  • Feature5: Whole body massage
  • Feature4: Neck massage

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Ardella Goodwin

The quality is particularly good. I was struggling to buy 8 or 12 heads, but in the end, I bought 12 heads and the massage was very good. It's really not bad. You can also massage your calves and apply hot compress

Sterling Kihn

Shipping fast, warm and cool.
For gifts, the box is a yellow box without a single letter of a regular courier box.
Except that, it's good for the price.

Graham Kovacek

Good product

Deanna Greenfelder

I have signed for it and can't wait to take it apart for a try. It's very user-friendly, super comfortable, and convenient for both the car and home. I have already recommended it to my friend.

Cornell Baumbach

Arrived very quickly. It works very well and you can fell the difference after the first time. Great deal

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