Portable Grow Greenhouse Mini Tent

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Portable Mini Greenhouse: the cold frame is perfect for growing plants from patios and balconies to porches, gardens, and rooftop terraces, also can be used with garden-raised beds, and you can create shelters wherever you want.

PVC Cover: The PVC thick cover allows your plants to absorb sunlight for keeping warm and photosynthesis. It is waterproof, UV and weather-resistant, providing special temperature and other growing conditions for plants.

Sturdy Frame: High-quality steel framework is heavy duty to protect plants against extreme weather. Easy to set up and use with no tools or assembly required. The clear cover should be tied to the frame preventing from blowing away. The portable greenhouse is lightweight and stable to be a shelter for your plants to extend the growing season.

Zipper Entrance: The greenhouse for the outdoors is equipped with a zipper entrance and straps to hold the rollable door is easy to open and close. The zippered windows allow easy access for tending to your plants and controlling temperature and humidity.

Mini Greenhouse: This garden greenhouse preserves warmth and sunlight for plants, which is very suitable for planting, antifreeze, cold protection and display. The greenhouse is able to move it around in the garden and protect vegetables that were less cold tolerant of late frosts. The cover side is longer for putting dirt for a snug fit.


  • Feature 4:: Garden insulation cover
  • Feature 3:: Seedling transparent incubator
  • Feature 2:: Mini greenhouse
  • Cover Material: Waterproof PVC

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Maxine Hilll

Thanks to the seller, the greenhouse arrived very quickly, all whole, so 5 stars. recommend!

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