Instant Electric Water Heater LED Plug

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The Inlet Way: Under inflow or Lateral Inflow, choose according to the actual situation of your own home. The power consumption is low, the electricity is only turned when you use the hot water.

High-Quality Material: ABS engineering plastics, high temperature resistant, not easy to burst, and high shape stability. Strong anti-stamping, and UV radiation, so the product is not easy to age security is more durable and lasting.

Easy to Install: Don’t need to store heating water. Our instant tankless water heater heated the water when it turned on. It can be used directly on the faucet without special equipment.

Temperature Mode of Water Heater: The tankless water heater electric heats the flow passing through it to a +60 degrees Celsius temperature. It takes at least 5 seconds to heat the water. The heated water temperature is from 30 to 40 degrees in winter and from 30 to 60 degrees in summer.


  • Voltage: 220V
  • Style: Vertical
  • Storage / Tankless: Instant / Tankless
  • Power: 2100-5000W
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Control Mode: Intelligent Control
  • Capacity: 5L

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Oliver MacGyver

Works but little water comes out and it heats up too much

Germaine McCullough

The faucet is excellent, I just didn't like the finish, it doesn't have much beautification.

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