Professional Makeup Puff Sponge

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Multiple colors: The beauty sponge set has 6 color variants - Pink, orange, brown and more. These value-added multi-color cosmetic sponges are definitely worth your purchase.

Wet use and dry use: It is made of pure sponge material, which can reduce allergies. It is soft and elastic sponge, easy to distinguish. It can be used in concealer, foundation, BB cream, sunscreen, blush, primer, base cream, loose powder, highlighter, eye shadow and other makeup products.

No waste of powder: The beauty blender will not absorb too much foundation, and the puff is formed by small and uniform pores, which has good air permeability, so it can reduce the waste of cream blush and other cosmetics.

Easy Makeup: These foundation blenders have a nearly soft texture, which can provide you with even and flawless touches. Apply the foundation with a double-ended makeup sponge like a professional makeup artist. The ingenious sponge is curved in the middle and can be used to make makeup on the face, nose and neck. The hard-to-reach parts and wrinkles of the tip can be applied.

Anti-floating powder: Seamlessly apply and blend makeup, the super beautiful makeup mixer is an essential tool for creating smooth, spray makeup. This versatile sponge has a pointed tip, flat edges and rounded sides, providing complete control even in the most difficult-to-reach facial areas.


  • Size: 40 x 60mm
  • Quantity: 1 PCS
  • Item Type: Cosmetic Puff

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Walter Rutherford

The quality of the goods and the speed of delivery is satisfied, everything is super!

Ines Zieme

Good sponges, yakysni, a hot tray for zberigannya (the zhovtim was also a mess, he was lying dead). Before the Slovakchini, they took the money for 2 years. Jube Raju👍👍

Althea VonRueden

Everything is right, good quality sponges, a bit stink, but I think a proper wash will do the trick;)
Box also OK

Silas Robel

Duge Class Sponge. You will be very comfortable in the room when you get wet, Puge m'yaki. Delivery shwidka.

Kristofer Konopelski

I haven't tried it yet but, apparently, it looks very good. Has a very nice touch and good size. Highly recommended :)

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