Kitchen Triangular Sink Strainer

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KEEP YOUR KITCHEN SINK CLEAN: The corner sink strainer is a kitchen garbage filter that can filter out the leftovers, hair, pericarp, fabric and other garbage at kitchen/ restaurant, you don’t need to manually clean the kitchen sink, just lift the mesh bag gently and throw it away. It can keep your kitchen sink clean, prevent the drainage of kitchen sink from blocking.

EASY TO INSTALL: The installation of this triangle filter is very simple, you just need to dry the countertop, attach the triangle rack to the countertop of kitchen sink with nano double-sided tape, and then fix the mesh bag to the triangle rack.

STRONG AND REPLACEABLE MESH BAGS: Come with 100pcs filtering bags, these mesh bags are made of high quality polyester fiber, elastic and strong, it is easy to be installed to the holder with 7 points of mushroom shaped. They can capture all small residue food particles, when one is filled full, you can throw it and change a new mesh bag, don’t need to clean the food garbage by hand.

TAKE UP LITTLE SPACE: It's specially designed as a triangle to place on the corner of the sink, take up little space and won’t affect the normal use of sink.

BONUS: Come with a roll of nano double sided tape and 2pcs scrubbing sponge as gifts, there are several types of color for the scrubbing sponge, the color of scrubbing sponge you receive will be random. The triangular holder can be fixed easily and firmly with the nano double sided tape, it can be removed without residue; the scrubbing sponge is very useful for your dish cleaning.


  • feature 4:: Anti-blocking Funnel
  • feature 3:: Hanging Net Drain Basket
  • feature 2:: Kitchen Sink Leftovers Filter
  • feature 1:: Triangle Drainage Rack
  • Type:: Colanders & Strainers
  • Type: Colanders & Strainers
  • Total height: 17mm/0.86in
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Feature:: Eco-Friendly

Customer Reviews

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Missouri Tremblay

Tried, it works, but at least for me its useless

Henriette Strosin


Braden Lockman

Thank you so much

Russell Pacocha

Nice to have it save the sink from blocking

Tatum Gottlieb


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