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Safe 2 Pack Cat Collars: Natural ingredients including lavender, and chamomile essential oil, which is safe for pets and humans, not addictive, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free. The package includes 2 purple calming collars, which are convenient for you to replace it.

Effectively Modify Behavioral Problems: The collar continues to release pheromones to help your cats calm to alleviate fear, adapt to loud noise, travel, stress, or strange environment, and social phobia, and prevent inappropriate stress reactions such as meowing or scratching.

Fast and Long-Lasting Calming Effect: The calming cat collars start working within 1 hour of wearing, will releases pheromones lasting up to 60 days, and can be used for cats of all ages without any side effects.

Waterproof Design: This calming collar is of a special waterproof material. Even when the cat is in a bath, swimming, or a rainy day, it’s convenient and safe to use and won’t affect the calm effect in the water.


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Customer Reviews

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Leon Cormier

I arrive in Med and a half, you have to try it to see if it works

Alexzander Hoppe

It worked!

Damon Yost


Bailee Rolfson

Equal Wing description

Nora Eichmann

The two necklaces I ordered came two weeks and two days after making the payment. I am very happy with the purchase and both necklaces emanate a rather appreciable Frage and very smell very good for the human, which means they do not smell bad at all, on the contrary, the necklaces smell very rich. The only problem I see him is that when he is placed on the pet, the excess part of the leash is left hanging and it seems that it is going to fall, But the solution I found was to put a rolled rubber on the excess part of the strap of both pets so that it is well adjusted without fear that it will be lost when they walk. I would recommend creating a solution for this and the rest, it seems that if they do well to pets with their aroma.

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