Star Dual Probe Food Thermometer

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Instant Read and Accurate: The food thermometer only takes 2-3 seconds to measure the speed of food, with accurate display and clearer readings. PRESS the ℉/℃ button for 3-5 seconds to switch the temperature between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Dual Probe Thermometer: Different from the traditional food thermometer probe design, our oven thermometer uses a dual probe design. You can use the probe in the oven, the wire is sturdy and allows oven door to close completely.

Temperature alarm setting: DecorStar food thermometer has a meat selection function,which could select the meat mode and set the relative cooking temperature you need directly. After the thermometer reaches the appropriate temperature you have adjusted, it will automatically alarm, which can save you Cooking time.

Five temperature option settings: DecorStar meat thermometer is different from other meat thermometers. DecorStar meat thermometer has five settings, including lamb, beef, turkey, chicken and other temperature setting options. it pass FDA certification,it has good stability and heat resistance, and will not produce harmful substances due to high temperature.

Safety In Use & Application: With a foldable 304 stainless steel probe,high sensitivity sensor is at the head of stainless,size is more slimer.which enable to feedback the temperature faster and accurater. the cooking thermometer can be easily inserted into food or liquid and maintain the temperature. There is no longer a danger of hot hands! When you are making sweets, BBQ, Baking, baby milk, tea, coffee, turkey, frying, food thermometers can let you quickly read the temperature of the food.

Customer Reviews

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Jordon Kuhn

Pratsyuyou ale very little. Yak to pay so and pratsyu

Callie Wyman

Precise thermometer to 0,1 ° as described, fast temperature display.
Instructions only in Chinese!
Getting started: quick support.
To display the mini-maxi press 2 times quickly on the button you have the maxi, press 1 more time and you have the mini, press 2 times to exit the mini-maxi menu and display the current temperature.
To erase the values mini-maxi simply stop the device by pressing 3 seconds.
I also use it to measure the temperature of the growing soil: impeccable! But this mini-maxi measurement is useless because the device left in place cuts itself after 3 minutes and these values are lost; I cannot know the drop in temperature at night.
CR's batteries: it will last a long time without changing!
Good device, although it does not memorize the mini-maxi in duration.

Julius Pfannerstill

Fast shipping

Astrid Upton

Came without a battery seemingly flimsy. In case not tried

Katlyn Howell


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