Baby Heart Beat Fetal Doppler

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High-quality: The Babasafe Fetal Doppler is a high-grade Fetal Doppler that is advanced enough for use in a hospital setting, but simple to use at home. Using much lower-grade Fetal Dopplers can be problematic and frustrating as the sound is very often unclear and finding the fetal heartbeat can prove difficult. 

High-resolution: Designed for use in hospitals, clinics, and midwifery, the Sonoline C utilizes a high-resolution LCD and is able to show the FHR, waveform, and calculate the FHR value.

Great product: Sonoline Pocket Fetal Doppler is a handheld fetal heart rate detection device using Doppler theory. It displays the fetal heart rate on a digital LCD screen. With the simple and convenient operation, it can be used in hospitals and clinics for pregnant woman's daily self-examination, realizing early


  • Minimum unit:  100000015
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  • Each package:  1
  • Logistics weight:  0.350
  • Logistics size - length (cm):  24
  • Logistics size - height (cm):  7

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Rowena Ferry

Good product, works well. You need to buy a conductive gel to use it correctly. I recommend seller.

Rosella Herzog

פפצה perfect

Gussie Wiegand

Très bien

Michaela Watsica

We bought it from week 20 and perfect.
You have to catch the trick to locate the baby, but you hear the beat very well.

Margaretta Daniel

Very good product. I'm at 12 weeks and I just could hear the heartbeat. The audio feels good, the gel is also provided (even if the tube is small but you need little once you find out where to look for the beat). For an anxious mom, a great tool to pass anxiety. Arrived two weeks earlier than expected.

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