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STRETCHING MADE EASY: This leg training belt uses a stretching design, can help stretch and extend the posture time, and helps to carry out a variety of difficult stretching and relaxation exercises. It can also be used as a yoga stretching belt to help you build a slim figure. It can eliminate foot and ankle pain by effective stretching of muscle rather than only pulling back toes which only causes toe pain.

PROMOTES PHYSICAL FITNESS: This leg stretching strap improves stability, foot mobility, as well as your overall physical fitness. Regular stretching helps lubricate your joints and ligaments, improving your range of motion and blood flow in leg muscles, allowing them to recover after exercise. In doing so, it also prevents strains and injuries from sports, exercise, yoga, Pilates and other activity.

VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: The Foot and Leg Stretcher is perfect for anyone, whether you are a dancer, yoga practitioner, athlete, physical therapist, or rehab patient. Regular use of this plantar fasciitis stretcher helps relieve pain caused by stress fractures in the long bone or in the heel bone. The device also helps alleviate the pain related to Achilles Tendon pain, heel spurs, and calcium deposits that form underneath plantar fascia ligament.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Firm and durable dorsiflexion strap can offer a diverse degree for stretching. The plantar fasciitis stretch offers you customized immobilization for calf. You are fully flexible to obtain maximum comfort and extreme calf ease without twisting or sliding. One secured fastener strap holds stably foot and calf in correct place during stretching, more professional and convenient.


  • Length: 135cm
  • Feature7: Yoga belt
  • Feature4: Yoga band
  • Feature2: Stretcher band
  • Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Nico Wisozk

everything's great! the sticky stuff wears out too quick though. got to figure something better if you want to have some longevity maybe give customer silicone or super glue really annoyed when the pad goes loose and it burns you and it was on lvl 8 abs and the pad slipped down and I elbowed a little kid and his dad beat me up on the bus, Anyway just don't let that happen when you ( PulseUhfi) my word for electric gym sim. ..t they are strong my girlfriend did level 10 on her legs but I stopped at lvl 8 and now realize as I type this why they aren't just wrap all the way around Velcro??why this frustration ? and.so now I'm even more pissed since writing this and Hate these things cause the sticky stuff sucks and my dreams of having chiseled Abs this summer have been put on the back burner for now and I can't get past level 8 and they do go higher so I just wasted $20 bucks..

Eriberto Johnston

Everything is like it. Rayznomaniti, intensivny. Glory to Ukraine!

Ed Russel

Super firm and works perfect

Sigrid Abernathy

The production speed is very fast

Davon Zemlak

I like it more than I expected.
Charging it once and it goes long. All the satisfaction of the family

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